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Get to Know Us

We are Kevin, Carrie, Elise and Freddy – a family of four who has been in the vacation rental business for almost 20 years. Our mission is simple: to find amazing houses in stunning locations where our guests can relax, explore, and create lasting memories.

We call our collection of properties The Great Estates. Our one-of-a-kind properties are located across the globe. We hope that you enjoy all that each one has to offer. We've experienced almost everything there is to do in each location and have employed local, knowledgeable personal concierges to help guests choose experiences and services that will be of the most interest. We hope all guests will make use of them!

Thank you so much for choosing to stay with us at The Great Estates. We hope you will enjoy the properties as much as we do. Reviews mean everything to our family business.


If you enjoy your stay, please be sure to leave us a good review and be sure to let us know of anything we can do to make your future stay even better.


Enjoy your time at The Great Estates. Stay Great!

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